Scholarship: Jose D. Garcia

The Jose D. Garcia Education Scholarship is awarded to students in Oregon who are pursuing a college education and are in need of financial support. The $1000 Scholarship is funded by the 50/50 raffle and the OACE Board. It is administered by the Cesar Chavez Student Leadership Conference Committee.

You can find out more information about the Scholarship by contacting:

Oregon Student Assistance Commission
1500 Valley River Drive, Suite 100
Eugene, OR 97401-2146
Phone: 541 687 7400

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Jose D. Garcia was born and reared in South Texas. He taught in the Harlingen Public School District for seven years. In 1967 he decided to go west for a summer vacation. He arrived in Oregon and liked what he saw. He decided to stay and teach for one year in the Hillsboro High School District. After teaching high school mathematics for two years, he attended Eastern Oregon State College where he received his Masters Degree.

Jose applied and was hired for the position of Migrant Area Director in Washington County in 1970. Prior to 1970 the Oregon Migrant Education Program had been subcontracted to a few individual school districts in the state of Oregon. Very few migrant students were being served. The Area Concept was developed to serve more students statewide. Jose became the first Area Director in the Washington and Yamhill Counties. He was based at the Washington County Education Service District, (Previously known as the Washington County Intermediate Education District.) Jose hired teaching and support staff throughout the county. The number of students identified and served rose dramatically during his six-year tenure.

In 1976 he applied and was hired by the Oregon Department of Education as a State Director of Migrant Education. During his administration, the State of Oregon had the fifth largest number of students identified and served in the nation. Because the Migrant Education Program is an Interstate Program, Jose had an opportunity to work with other state directors throughout the nation. During his eighteen years of working for the State, the program developed many programs that benefited thousands of migrant students, and the National Conference and a Western States Conference were held in Portland. Teachers, administrators, support staff and parents from all over the United States attended.

Jose was most fortunate to have had so many professional and dedicated staff who made the Oregon Migrant Education Program a model for the Nation.

He retired in February of 1994. He has been participating as a Board Member for the Oregon Association for Comprehensive Education (OACE) since his retirement.

Past Recipients

2014 Scholarship Winner
Name: Joel Haro Marcelo
High School: North Salem High School
College/University: Western Oregon University