ODE/OMESC Workshops

Stay tuned for information on our 25th Annual Winter Conference coming in January 2018!

ODE/OMESC Workshops for 2017

Lead Presenter Title/Organization Presentation Title Abstract
Olivia Gonzalez Program Trainer/Recruitment Specialist, OMESC Challene Your Knowledge of ID&R  Participants will be able to test their knowledge in a fun way and acquire new recruitment strategies.
Sue Cheavtharn Data Analyst II, OMESC OMSIS Web Application

(English Only)

 Presenter will demonstrate the latest development of OMSIS 6.0 web application. The web application will look similar to the eCOE mobile application; therefore, it is important that MEP recruiters and data staff attend this workshop to obtain a sneak peek of the next generation of COE data collection.  
Jesus Sandoval Education Specialist, OMESC Liderazgo de los Padres – Éxito de los Hijos

(Spanish Only)

 Los padres participarán en una serie de actividades que promueven liderazgo y autoestima. Aprenderán algunas nuevas estrategias prácticas que podrán realizar en casa para apoyar a su hijo a obtener el éxito académico.
Melchor Gamez Migrant Program Specialist, OMESC Pre-Escolar – Listos Para el Kinder  Listos Para el kínder: Este taller se enfocará en actividades y dinámicas que se pueden utilizar en el hogar para reforzar el aprendizaje en la edad temprana. Aprenderán destrezas y maneras para preparar a su hijo/a para el kínder y/o preescolar.
Beth LaDuca  NAEP State Coordinator, ODE What Every Parent Should Know About National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)  The National Assessment of Educational Progress tells us how students across the country, not just in one particular school or state, are doing. Learn how Oregon compares to other states and how to use NAEP questions to compare your student’s performance to students throughout the United States.
Dona Bolt Education Specialist, ODE Oregon’s Vision for Success (ESSA)  With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in December 2015, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has been working with stakeholders from across the state to develop Oregon’s ESSA State Plan to support Oregon’s vision and goals for education. This session will present key components of the State Plan with an opportunity for participants to provide feedback to ODE.
Markisha Smith, Ed.D Education Program Specialist, ODE ESSA and the Oregon Plan for Education: What You Need to Know – Going Deeper

(*Q&A after Keynote)

 Educating detained youth and ensuring successful transition back to community schools is an equity issue with systemic barriers disproportionately affecting African-American/Black students. Research and practice identify trauma-informed, culturally responsive, wraparound services as critical to re-enrolling and re-engaging students. Join us to learn how our transition specialists are supporting high school and post-secondary success.
Linda Brown Educational Specialist, ODE Foster Care and Education in Oregon  Working with the Department of Human Services (DHS) and children in foster care add a layer of complexity to educating this population of students. Learn about federal and state education laws specifically targeted to improve education outcomes for children in foster care, such as Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Fostering Connections, and the Uninterrupted Scholars Act. This session will also cover a brief overview of DHS, what it means to be in state custody, and education needs of children in the foster care system.

ODE Contact: 

Kendra Hughes – kendra.hughes@state.or.us