About OACE

OACE Mission Statement:

“OACE provides quality staff development and parental support to strengthen the educational experience for all students.”

Who We Are: 

The Oregon Association for Comprehensive Education (OACE) was founded in October 1992 continuing the long tradition pioneered by the Oregon Department of Education of keeping Title I administrators, teachers and educational assistants informed of, and prepared to meet, federal program goals. Essential to this is providing the time to meet with colleagues from around the state and learn about what works in Title programs and what the Oregon Department of Education recommends for program development. OACE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and as such devotes all its resources to further staff development and support for Oregon’s teachers, administrators, educational assistants and parents involved in federally funded Title programs.


What We Do: 

The OACE annual winter conference is the association’s primary means of carrying out its mission. OACE has also offered regional workshops, meetings, institutes and provided other support for the Oregon Department of Education events. Its Board of Directors oversees the Association, and the OACE Conference Planning Committee manages all staff development. It is their sincere desire that all OACE event participants, and the children they serve, profit from their participation.